lundi 25 février 2008

the tempe arizona mystery solved

well. I feel stupid and cheated and humiliated.
I though I had a recurrent visitor from tempe arizona, and it turned out it is a robot spider scanning the web for a search engine.
at least I have... I wait a second. jeager ? would you be a spider robot ?
naaa, you curse too much. :)
as for the US tour, I'm currently working on it (litterally) better be stocking those beers I heard about.
thank's god I still have some human visitors. thank you for leaving a comment.

tip of the day: get up at 4, work for 15 hours in a row, a beer and a vodka on an empty stomach. even better than mood regulation pills on tequilla.
who wants to live long anyway?! sleep is for sissies.

3 commentaires:

  1. What the fuck can a Belgian know about Tequila anyway?


    Wait -- then again, my beverage of choice of late has been French gin... go figure. Com'on over and I'll make sure we pound your liver into the ground like a goddamn tent peg -- we'll go out with the Baltimore crew and do it good 'n' proper.

    Oh, and the girls around here melt for anything with a penis and a foreign accent. Had an Aussie buddy come through some years ago who told me how amazed he was at the women throwing themselves at him.



    P.S. -- it's really fun trying to navigate your website when I seriously don't speak a word of French. I can fake it with Spanish and even a little German and Japanese, but I'm nicht on the Francoise. :P

  2. thank you. my girlfriend will be very interested in the accent part of that information (I'm afraid you just erased any chance of me ever crossing the sea)

    ps: isn't my website in english ?!

  3. Well, I'll allow you to cross the sea WITH ME ;op


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